Automation & Controls Engineering

This group supports the full lifecycle of Automation Projects from front-end design through implementation and start-up and ongoing support. Individuals typically work on the following systems:

• DCS (Distributed Control System)
• PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and HMI (Human Machine Interface)
• SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition)
• MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems)

They also handle the instrumentation that accompanies the controls – including valves, measurement and analytical devices. 

• DCS/PLC Engineers (continuous and batch process)
• System Programmers
• MES Engineers
• SCADA Specialists
• Instrumentation Engineers & Technicians
• Validation Engineers
• Electrical/Mechanical Designers
• Field Support Engineers
• Project Management
• Process Engineers

Our Expert for Automation & Controls Engineering Industry

To contact our Automation & Controls Department Manager or for more information about services or job opportunities email or call:

Evy Trost
Managing Director Automation & Controls Engineering
Phone: 800-665-7610 ext. 110
Local phone: 763-561-8303