Staffing Service Options

Clients use our contract placement services to meet labor demands during peak periods, complete special projects, or bring on special expertise.

Placement Services

Contracts can last a few days or several years, based on need. To give you maximum flexibility, we do not require you to retain an employee for a specific time period unless you are considering that employee for a full time position.

Contract-to-Direct Placement Services

This service enables you to “try out” an individual for six to 12 months on a contract basis before making a full-time offer. The beauty is that there is no fee. This service also gives you time to decide if business activity is robust enough to support the cost of the new employees at the end of the contract period.

Direct Placement Services

Our direct placement search services help you find specialty engineers and technical personnel to fill a critical staff or management position. To keep relocation costs at a minimum, we begin our recruiting efforts in your immediate region. If suitable candidates are not available, we expand the search to North America, using our national talent database and a network of other specialized search tools.

Payrolling Services

Our payrolling service takes the hassle out of hiring temporary employees — particularly when you find the temporary employee on your own. By running the payroll through us, you:
• Shift the employer/employee relationship to us
• Insulate your company from the IRS
• Simplify FICA, FUTA, SUTA, Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance
• Reduce worry and risk

These advantages make payrolling a highly popular corporate service.